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2023-2024 Club information 
Click on a club's linked name to be taken to their flyer. To join a club, you must sign up during club rush week (Sept. 27 - 29), or visit the class during the time of their meeting and speak with the student representative.
Club Directory | 2023-2024 School Year
Club Name Meeting Time Meeting Place Club Sponsor
Alphabet Soup Club  Thursdays @ Lunch Parent Center Mrs. Hermosillo
Anime Club Mondays @ Lunch Room 3 | Upper A Ms. Kang
Armenian Club Fridays @ Lunch Room 18 | D Ms. Hagopian
Beyblade Club Thursdays @ Lunch Room 2 | Upper A Mr. Rincones
Black Student Union Wednesdays @ Lunch | 2X's a month Room 52,53  | Upper C Mrs. Dawson & Mrs. Higgins
Board Games Club Wednesdays @ Lunch Room 22 | Lower B Mrs. Ramirez
Chip Masons Fridays @ Lunch Room 50 | Upper C Mr. O'Connor
Club Craft Wednesdays @ Lunch Room 46 | Upper C Mr. Pollack
Filipino Club Mondays & Fridays @ Lunch Room 46 | Upper C Mrs. Pollack
Jewish Club Tuesdays @ Lunch Room 48 | Upper C Mrs. Pollack
Play Writer's Club Wednesdays @ Lunch Room 24 | Lower B  Ms. Alvarez
Pokemon Club Tuesdays @ Lunch Room 56 | Bungalows Mrs. Fernandez
Robotics Club Tuesdays @ Lunch Room 8 | Little Theatre Mr. Pollack
Squish Club Mondays @ Lunch Room 58 | Bungalows Mrs. Evans
Songwriters Workshop Thursdays @ Lunch Room 24 | Lower B Ms. Alvarez
Uno Club Thursdays @ Lunch Room 60 | Bungalows Mrs. Adelman
Wild Card Club Thursdays & Fridays @ Lunch Room 54 | Bungalows Ms. Esparza
Wild Hamsters Club 1st & 3rd Wednesdays @ Lunch Room 26 | Lower B Mrs. Aitchison
Workout Club Mondays & Fridays @ Lunch Room 43 | Lower C Mrs. Sonne
Have an idea for a club not on the list? CLICK HERE for the application to create your club!
Clubs are limited to:
  • 15 minutes
  • Students do not eat inside the class (cap for eating inside is 5 students)
  • Club members are required to have a sticker on student ID or a club sponsor generated pass 
Any student enrolled at Robert Frost Middle School, who attends meetings, and signs up with the club sponsor will be qualified to be a member. Frost Middle School is not affiliated with any non-school club, any political or religious organization, or with any organization which denies membership on the basis of race, creed, sexual orientation or political belief.