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Individualized Honors Program

This special learning community (SLC) is specifically designed for the unique needs of Highly Gifted learners. Students are expected to demonstrate readiness to engage in an increased rigorous, accelerated, and/or compacted curriculum in their core academic subjects. IHP students have the opportunity to partner with our STEAM Magnet, Gifted Conservatory Magnet, and School for advanced studies program in elective course offerings from Robotics, Computer science, theater to Advanced orchestra.

The IHP offers advanced lecture courses in math classes (Algebra I, Geometry); utilizes high school and college-level textbooks. Students produce writing pieces that exceed grade-level expectations. IHP students are required to conduct and design complex experiments that synthesize across curricular content. Additionally, the Individualized Honors program empowers highly gifted students to far exceed standard academic achievement levels and engage in rigorous programs cultivating a growth mindset, critical thinking, and inquiry-based practices.

Ideal Frost candidates for the IHP students are as follows: identified Highly Gifted by LAUSD (or submit evidence to support possible future identification); excel in rigorous academic environment requiring increased depth and complexity; read and write well above grade level; are self-motivated and work well independently and collaboratively; demonstrate exceptional critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills; show intellectual curiosity and have SBAC test scores 97% – 99% in both English and math (or “Standards Exceeded”).