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Our S.A.S program is designed to meet the needs of gifted/talented students, particularly those that seek advanced learning beyond the core curriculum. Currently our SAS students make up over ⅓ of our student body. Each grade level team has developed a sequenced, yet student-centered curriculum, which is aligned with and leads into the S.A.S program at our local high schools.

S.A.S students learn by exploring, inquiring, and seeing issues from multiple points of view. Your child will be challenged in a caring, supportive environment in 21st Century learning.

Criteria for Acceptance:
Students are required to be identified gifted or Exceed Standards for two years in a row on the SBAC test in either Math and/or English. For detailed information, please (CLICK HERE).

Our Goals
Robert Frost Middle School seeks to prepare students for Advanced Placement classes, state and national tests, and college entrance exams. At the same time, our program enhances the natural curiosity and love of learning in every student.

We emphasize the development of problem-solving abilities while promoting creative and critical thinking in an enjoyable learning environment. Whether it’s investigating an archaeological dig, designing an ideal habitat for an endangered species, or constructing and testing bridges or roller coasters, your child will see the world from multiple perspectives as they apply their learning to their own life experiences.

An outstanding Library/Media Center with a librarian, housing a collection of 25,000 books, provides a research-friendly environment. Our extensive reference section includes a strong biographical and historical reference collection.

Our Parent Center will provide classes and opportunities for parents to help their children to excel in all areas.

Computer labs and laptop carts are available for classroom use to enhance the learning experience.

Enrichment Activities
  • An award winning musical program
  • A Leadership program which prepares students for high school government and beyond
  • Yearbook written and edited by students
  • Noontime events and grade level activities
  • Afterschool sports program
  • Other school wide activities
  • Grade level field trips
  • Youth Services (YS-Plus) programs including tutoring, Homework Club and various arts programs
  • Academic assistance opportunities within the school day

Program Highlights
  • Gifted students are clustered together in teams.
  • Nestled in the safe, serene suburban hillsides of Granada Hills, Robert Frost Middle School has a long history of academic excellence.
  • All faculty participate in a minimum of 16 hours of professional development yearly in the field of gifted and talented education.
  • We offer both 7th and 8th grade honors algebra and 8th grade geometry.
  • Ongoing parent education opportunities on issues pertaining to the Gifted Child.