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Pathway to Biliteracy and Seal of Biliteracy Awards Informational Video

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In order to be honored with the Pathway to Biliteracy Award in 8th Grade, students must:
  • Demonstrate English Proficiency by meeting one of the following criteria:
    • 8th grade academic mark of B or above in ELA coursework 
    • 8th grade academic mark of B or above in ELD coursework 
    • 7th grade overall level 3 or 4 on the ELPAC/AltELPAC, with a minimum score of 3 on both Oral and Written Language Composite Skills
    • 7th grade score of “Standards Met” or above on the SBA/CAA for English Language Arts
    • 8th grade score of “Proficient” on the L.A. Unified – approved ELA assessment (STAR)
Note: The 15-week spring reporting period grade will be used for the Pathway Award
  • Demonstrate Proficiency in a Language Other Than English (LOTE) by either:
    • OPTION 1: Complete a 1B or higher Language other than English (LOTE) course (e.g., Spanish 1B) with the final grade of B and above
      • OR
    • OPTION 2: 8th grade score of “Proficient” on the L.A. Unified – approved language assessment (STAR-Spanish or Avant)
      • OR
    • OPTION 3: 7th grade overall score of 744 or above on the California Spanish Assessment.

8th Grade Students, Are you interested in earning the award? 

CLICK HERE to let Mrs. Montano know and she will contact you with next steps! 


October | Family Informational Meetings, Student Interest Recruitment
November | Identification verification for "Met" and "Potential" students based on Report Card marks
December | Confirmation of ELA/ELD criteria
February - April | Students complete STAR Spanish or Avant Language assessment
April 28th | Eligible student list is certified and submitted to MMED
June | Students are recognized at Culmination ceremony 
Please contact Mrs. Montano ([email protected]) with any questions regarding the Middle School Pathway to Biliteracy.