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Robert Frost Middle School Student Officers


Student Body President

Gabriel Tong

Hello there! My name is Gabriel Tong, and I am very pleased to be your student body president this year! My passions span the worlds of archaeology and retro computing. I've had the privilege of exploring ancient Polynesian ruins in the Hawaiian Islands and learning about their lesser-known history. Likewise, I've embarked on journeys to uncover the stories woven into Native American sites scattered throughout the American Southwest. My passion for history extends to the interesting realm of collecting and restoring vintage computers and video game consoles from the 80s and 90s. Of all the technological relics, old Apple computers hold a special allure, captivating me with their timeless charm. It is my desire as president to make this school year an exceptional one for all Frost Students. I'm eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to help contribute to the large array of exciting events carefully planned by our student leadership. My heartfelt thanks to everyone for giving me the opportunity to serve Frost middle school. Go Timberwolves!

Student Body Vice President

Archer Bookman

I am Archer Bookman, an 8th-grader at Robert Frost Middle School. I ran for the position of Vice President. I have a variety of different hobbies like reading and drawing as well as surfing and playing the guitar. This year I would like to achieve a 4.0 GPA as well as get E’s in all my classes. A personal goal I have is to improve the school as vice president by adding new events and finding solutions. I ran for vice president to improve the school and help the student body as well as make this year the best one yet.

Student Body Secretary

Nithish Prakash​​​​​​​

Hello, my name is Nithish Prakash, and I am the Robert Frost Middle School Associated Student Body Secretary for the 2023-2024 school year. Some interests I have academically include History, Chemistry, and Biology. I also enjoy Writing, Reading, Tae Kwon Do, and Biking. An academic goal I have for this year is to see an improvement in my I-Ready Diagnostic score. A personal goal I have for myself this year is to improve my mile time to 7 minutes. I promise to work with the rest of the Associated Student Body, Leadership, our students, School Administration, and the nearby community to ensure we have a fun and successful year at Frost.

Student Body Treasurer

Andranik Kamyshyan

Hello! I’m Andranik Kamyshyan, some of you may have seen me on the weekly Frosty Report last year. I was elected as your ASB Treasurer for the 2023–2024 school year. A few talents I have are being prepared for any situation that comes my way and having a non-stop passion to lead. And an interest I have is being a major German car enthusiast. An academic goal I have for our school this year is to pursue my role as your ASB Treasurer to assist in handling the financial activities of our school. A personal goal I have for myself is to keep working hard for our school to maintain good progress reports this year. I would like to let you all know that I am proud to be your ASB Treasurer and dedicated to working hard for our school

Speaker of the House

Julian Stimmel 

 My name is Julian Stimmel and I am the Speaker of the House. My talents are playing ice hockey, playing guitar, and being athletic. My hobbies include sports, writing stories, talking to my friends, and having fun. My academic goal this year is to get straight A’s and make this year the best possible. My personal goal for this year is to impress my teachers, have fun in leadership, make people know my name, and love 7th grade. Something that I would want people to know is that I am very athletic and I love talking to people. Sometimes my parents and teachers say I talk too much. I also love to help people. If anybody needs help I am the one to ask.

Student Body Historian

Emily Melikyan

8th Grade Class President

Shant Chaparyan

 Hello, I’m Shant Chaparyan your 8th Grade Class President. I am also Robert Frost Middle School’s very own Weatherman and a proud member of our leadership class. I love to play sports due to my competitive nature and I play soccer. I enjoy playing video games such as Fifa, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. My goal for this year is to achieve a 4.0 GPA and all E’s in my work habits and cooperation grades. I would like to advance my soccer skills and become a better player. I want every student to know that I want them to have an amazing and successful year.

8th Grade Class Vice President

Ilan Mikhaylov

Hey Frost Timberwolves! My name is Ilan Mikhaylov, and I'm your 8th-grade Vice President. I'm so excited for an excellent school year! I play soccer on the club team LA Surf. I love playing and watching soccer. My favorite soccer team is LA Galaxy. I also love watching movies. Some of my favorite movies are Bullet Train, Scream, and The Terminator. A goal of mine for this year is to end with a 4.0 and no U's on my final report card. This year's personal goal is to improve my soccer skills. I'm super excited for this year and what we'll do! Have a great year!